Beyoncé and Jay Z are trying to come to terms with Hilary Clinton's loss to Donald Trump during the US presidential election. Being a strong supporter of Clinton, Queen Bey is reportedly considering her defeat as a nightmare and is "crying".

"Beyoncé hadn't had a nightmare in 30 years until the day [Donald] Trump was elected President. That was a huge downer for her and her family, and it was particularly hard for Bey personally because she was such an outspoken Hillary [Clinton] supporter," a source told Hollywood Life.

During the get-out-the-vote concert at Cleveland State University's Wolstein Center four days before Election Day, the Lemonade hitmaker expressed her desire to see her daughter growing up seeing a woman leading the US. "I want my daughter to grow up seeing a woman leading the country...That's why I'm with her."

However, after Trump's win, the songstress is reportedly heartbroken. "She cried and held Blue Ivy so tightly after realizing Trump had won. All she could do was comfort Blue, kiss her forehead and remind her how intelligent, strong and beautiful she is and told her to never forget it. Bey and Jay Z are still trying come to terms with this election," the same source added.

However, the 35-year-old Halo singer and her music mogul husband are hoping to see Michelle Obama run for the next Presidency election. "Beyonce and Jay Z want to see Michelle run in 2020. They are both convinced that she would be the ultimate candidate, and have spoken to the first lady about the possibility of this many times. With Trump winning, Beyonce will continue to encourage Michelle to run for president in 2020," another source allegedly told the gossip website.