Anne Heche talked about the two celebrities she wanted to play a young version of her in a film about her life, seven months before her untimely demise.

The late actress, in an episode of the "Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef" podcast, said, "I've already thought about it. Miley Cyrus or Kristen Bell." The said episode was recorded in January and will be released on Tuesday.

Heche, in the episode per PageSix, shared she believed that "those two girls" could "pull off the humour" that she has while also doing justice to the journey that she has gone through. The actress added, "The two of them share a personality ability to face the world the way that I would want, that I feel like I have and would want portrayed."

Asked what appealed to her about Miley Cyrus, Anne Heche pointed to the American singer-songwriter's child stardom with her dual role in the once famous Disney series "Hannah Montana."

The former wife of Coley Lafoon explained, "The ability for her to be able to pull off ... I've seen her in 'Hannah Montana. To be able to do that, to be able to express that, to be able to be as bold as she's been — going from Disney into, you know, 'Wrecking Ball.'"

Anne Heche also praised Cyrus for "the way she moves, the way she sings, her voice, her compassion, [the way] she f–king loves everyone, her ability to get out on stage and sing a cappella."

The late "Six Days Seven Nights" star furthered, "That would be the way that I would see a pure artist engaging with the world with the best time they could ever possibly have. That's why Miley. And I think she's a f–king great actress."

Heche also explained why she would want Kristen Bell to portray her in a movie about her life. The actress stated, "Kristen Bell gave me my second Emmy nomination.

She and I played a mother and daughter in a Lifetime movie years ago."

The late star even gushed over Bell's "ability to tell a story" and "do it through joy, do it with her personality, charm, gorgeous timing and humour." Anne Heche added, "I see myself a lot in her. I don't think it was any mistake that I played her mom, and I want her to play me."

To recall, Heche was pronounced brain dead on August 12 at age 53 after a tragic vehicular accident on August 5. Authorities found that she was under the influence of cocaine at the time of the crash.

A representative for Anne Heche said the "Spread" actress suffered a severe anoxic brain injury, slipped into a coma and never regained consciousness. After matching with an organ recipient, she was taken off life support on Sunday.

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