John Cena and Nikki Bella
John Cena and Nikki Bella have set a date for their wedding, rumoured to be taking place in late 2018 Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Major drama is set to unfold between WWE star John Cena and sisters Nikki and Brie Bella when season 2 of Total Bellas kicks off on Wednesday, 6 September. What starts out as a private conversation between the siblings soon turns into a heated exchange as Cena is dragged into the mix, with Brie accusing him of "never being in the picture."

"I'm actually really pissed off," the wrestler – born Brianna Monique Danielson – is seen confiding in her sister in a sneak peek video from the upcoming episode.

"Well, I just feel like when it comes to family, John's never in the picture. He is always gone," 33-year-old Brie explains, to which a furious Nikki shot back, saying, "Oh my god! That is not true!"

Forced to pick a side in the debate between her twin sister and her fiancé, the wrestler-turned-actress tries to defend Cena, adding, "My man is part of this family and I'm pretty much like his wife." But, her words seem to have little effect on Brie, who comes back with more reasoning.

"But you're not his wife. Which is another reason why he shouldn't be shu shu (uncle in Chinese)," she tells Nikki, stirring the debate on Cena's role as an uncle to Brie's almost 4-month old daughter, Birdie Joe.

"If you don't want your baby girl to call him shu shu, don't," fires back Nikki, before storming out of the scene to join her fiancé at the dinner table. Unfortunately, the ugly conversation continues at the gathering as well, as Brie unloads her fury on Cena.

"Really he's not an uncle yet to my baby. You have to prove it to the family. I thought you guys were coming to help out because Bryan and I went and helped you guys out with both your surgeries," she told the SmackDown champion.

Not the one to hold back, even Cena took a shot at Brie's husband and said, "So why isn't Bryan joining us tonight?"

Total Bellas return to E! on Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST.