Critically acclaimed series Homeland returns with an all new episode today, 7<sup>th December 9pm ET/PT on Showtime.

The 10th episode is titled, 13 Hours In Islamabad, which is the second last episode before the fall finale.

The official synopsis reads: "The security breach at the Embassy has far reaching consequences."

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The 9th episode ended with the convoy carrying Carrie and Saul getting shredded into pieces in a grenade attack, and Haqqani and other Taliban soldiers entering the American Embassy through a secret tunnel.

The tunnel's location was leaked by Ambassador Boyd's husband, Dennis, to Pakistani ISI double agent Tasleem Quresh, which will lead to a security breach in tonight's episode.

The only good news is that Carrie and Saul will make it out of the explosion, alive.

Several new pictures show car wreckage, and also reveal that Saul and Carrie made it out of the explosion site. The images show Carrie and Saul walking towards safety, but the trouble is far from over.

According to a new preview, The US embassy is compromised, and is under lock-down.

Meanwhile, showrunner Alex Gansa teased more intense twists ahead and fan reactions on the recent turn of events.

He told Hollywood reporter: "What I've heard has been from people I know who watch the show. I've completely tuned out reading stuff, but the response that I've heard has been really positive. That level of anxiety and tension the episodes have generated — that's what we're going for."

Gansa also talked about the show escalating towards the seizure of the Islamabad embassy.

He said, "I would say that once we settled on the location and cast a set of characters, figured out our antagonists, we knew we were going to require a major set piece at the end of the story. The embassy attack became that. "

He continued, "I don't think it was in stone early on, but it was something we were building toward. You point the ship in a direction and hope you get there in the end. In this case, we did get there."

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