A homeless pregnant woman in England lost her unborn child a week after she and her partner were allegedly attacked by three "sick men" carrying duct tape and hammers. Tina Moore was also allegedly threatened with rape by the attackers, who left her partner, Thomas Mason, bloodied.

The incident reportedly took place on 27 November at around 4.30am local time at Pierremont Park in Broadstairs, England, when the couple was inside their tent.

The pair alleged that they were woken up by the three men, who were armed with "duct tape and hammers", demanding to get into their tent.

Thomas told the KentLive that he asked the men politely to leave, but "they got angry very quickly and started to stab at our tent".

"They kept telling us to get the **** out and get what's coming to us homeless scum.

"They said they had cable ties, duct tape and hammers. They said they were going to use them to restrain us while they were going to **** my girlfriend and beat me and make me watch the sex assault," he added.

The father-of-one said Tina somehow managed to bite the tent and run for help, but he got caught by the attackers, who punched, kicked and beat him mercilessly. The 42-year-old woman broke her tooth while trying to flee the tent.

The couple was shattered after the incident led to a miscarriage and they lost their unborn child. The woman was reportedly unable to speak about the incident, but Mason told the the newspaper, "Tina started to bleed soon after and miscarried a week later. No one deserves to go through that."

The couple has been living together since February after splitting up from their previous partners. Following the incident, they were moved to the Thanet Winter Shelter, but are still living in fear.

"We were tucked away from the playground and the main green so I thought we'd be safer there and less likely to cause any concern from or to the public," Mason explained, still horrified by the sudden attack.

"They are sick men and we just want to know who they are to protect our other homeless friends too. They could be sitting next to us at the library for all you know and that terrifies us," the 26-year-old added.