A homeowner who was arrested on suspicion of murder after an intruder was fatally stabbed during an alleged burglary will not face any charges.

Vincent Cooke, 39, was arrested on suspicion of murder after stabbing Raymond Jacob, 37, who was one of two men suspected of trying to burgle his home in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

Mr Cooke was later released on bail pending further inquiries but has been told by the Crown Prosecution Service that he will face no further action.

Detectives investigating the stabbing said they had to determine whether it was "a criminal act" or if it fitted Mr Cooke's claim of self-defence.

Mr Cooke was alone at the time of the incident in Midland Road at 19:50 on 17 September. His wife Karen, 34, and 12-year-old son returned home during the incident but escaped unharmed.

Police and paramedics gave first aid to Mr Jacob but he died shortly afterwards.

Under the current law, home owners who use "reasonable force" - which is no more than is absolutely necessary - to protect themselves against intruders should not be prosecuted.

Michael Anthony Thorpe, 33, of Outwood Road, Heald Green, Stockport, was arrested and charged with aggravated burglary.

Mr Thorpe is accused of entering Mr Cooke's house with a knife, and is expected to stand trial at Manchester Crown Court on 2 December.