A shocking video has been released showing the moment crowds of people in Honduras smashed open a concrete coffin after hearing screaming inside. The startling footage, published online by Spanish language news broadcaster Primer Impacto, shows desperate family members trying to break open the concrete tomb with a sledgehammer after claiming to hear presumed dead 16-year-old Neysi Perez inside.

Upon opening the coffin relatives claim that the glass viewing window of her coffin had been smashed and that Ms Perez's fingers were covered in bruises. But despite attempts to resuscitate her medics found no signs of life and she was later returned to the cemetery and reburied.

Ms Perez, who was three months pregnant at the time of death, has been found unconscious outside her home in La Entrada, western Honduras in a suspected panic attack.

After she began foaming at the mouth her parents called in a local priest to perform an exorcism, believing she had been possessed by an evil spirit. While performing the exorcism her body became lifeless and after being rushed to hospital she was declared dead.