For Honor
One of For Honor's samurai warriors Ubisoft

Ubisoft has outlined what players can expect from the upcoming fantasy sword-fighting game For Honor after it launches later in February, including the game's season pass. As expected, the pass will include new playable heroes.

The new heroes will be released two at a time at the beginning of each new season of the game's multiplayer, which has a sprawling metagame called Faction War, depicting a grand territorial battle between knights, samurai and vikings.

At the start of For Honor, players will align themselves with one of the factions before taking part in multiplayer matches against other players and AI. The results of these matches will determine territory gained and lost on the Faction War map.

A new season of Faction War will start roughly every three months, and it's these seasons that will act as the "cornerstone" of Ubisoft's post-launch releases, as online game director Damien Kieken puts it in the trailer below.

For Honor's season pass, expected to cost around £39.99, will include six heroes, six outfits to customise the new heroes, a "sunbeam effect" on the emotes of all heroes, three emblem outlines, additional gear and a 30-day "champion status" that grants pass holders and their friends additional experience points.

Free content will also be released, including new modes, weapons, armour and six new map which will also be introduced two at a time with each new season. The final batch of content will arrive with the start of season four – around November 2017.

This past weekend (27-29 January) For Honor closed beta introduced players to the game's base multiplayer Duel and Dominion modes, as well as Faction War. The open beta, which will run 9-12 February, will introduce Domination, Elimination and Brawl modes.

For Honor is set to release on 14 February on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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