The former President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, is spending his dying hours in a military hospital in Cairo. He was moved in a convoy from Torah prison where he'd been since being convicted for his part in killing thousands of people in the Arab Spring uprising against his government.

Dozens of supporters spent yesterday outside the building, they'd gathered as soon as they heard the news that they feared – their precious leader of more than 30 years was in a coma.

There were conflicting reports about whether or not Mubarak was dead or alive, but Major General Mohsen el-Fangari, a member of the ruling military council, told an Egyptian newspaper that he was 'very critically ill and on a life support machine after having had a stroke in prison.

When reports came through that Mubarak had died, thousands gathered in Tahrir Square in Cairo to celebrate and show contempt for him. A veritable party atmosphere ensued.

With Mubarak's glory days now firmly over, the tumultuous news of him being close to death come as the country waits for the official final results of the recent election to decide on his successor.

Written and narrated by Marverine Cole