Many people have been waiting for someone to halt Donald Trump's momentum in the race for the White House.

But where Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have failed so far, it seems one man is being backed to bring down the Republican front runner – Frank Underwood. House of Cards star Michael Kelly says the fictional President and his henchman Doug Stamper from the hit Netflix show could "take down" the business mogul.

Kelly said, "Donald Trump in general is scary as s**t. That being said, Frank and Doug would take his ass down. I don't like Donald Trump."

Trump has become a controversial figure in his campaign to be selected as the Republican nominee for the US election, with his comments about Muslims, Mexico and women being condemned across American and around the world. However, he has now won three primaries in the race, and heads into the vital Super Tuesday vote as the clear favourite to win the GOP nomination ahead of the election in November.

House of Cards returns for the fourth season on 4 March, on Netflix.