A pub in South London has launched a 'piss poll' for all those interested in taking a stand in American politics. The gents toilets at the Three Stags pub in Lambeth now feature three giant heads of the Republican frontrunners, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio, with massive holes in their mouths and a urinal carefully placed in mouth.

The 'piss poll' is at the pub all week, and is part of the Channel 4 show The Last Leg – a staple of the Friday night satirical TV schedule. According to the pub's landlord, gamblers can choose which urinal to relieve themselves in and log their poll afterwards.

Donald Trump in the lead

The Three Stags' landlord Richard Bell said Trump has now taken the lead. "It's going down quite ferociously," Bell told Mashable, adding that there were no plans to introduce a 'piss poll' for candidates associated with the 2016 Democratic Party presidential primaries. It's all about the "lunacy" of the Republican race, he added.

The pub announced that it would soon launch the 'piss poll' in both women and accessible toilets, after a number of female users demanded the Last Leg enabled women to vote in the poll.

"You've made it very difficult for women to vote," user ‏@KesMoore wrote, while @GTUCKE added: "Women don't have an opinion worth a piss?"

Twitter users have started a campaign using the hashtag #dumpontrump, in reference to the Last Leg's #pissingallovertrump.