A family in Texas claimed, on Monday, to have found a dead rodent in a bottle of Dr Pepper that a 3-year-old child was drinking from. Dr Pepper have offered to have the bottle tested but the family have said they want to do their own examination.

Speaking to KPCR 2 News, John Graves said that his 3-year-old grandson was drinking the Dr Pepper, which they had bought in Galveston but did not finish it on Sunday. The next morning they returned to the closed bottle and found the rodent floating in it. Graves told the news station it was a "good size – about 3 inches long with a tail."

The family said they took the boy to their paediatrician to get tested. They then contacted Dr Pepper, which asked for the bottle so they could test it themselves but the family said they wanted to make conduct their own studies before handing over the bottle, and said they may contact a lawyer.

The store in Galveston told KPCR 2 that the bottles arrive at the store sealed and that anything inside would have come from the manufacturer.

In a statement, Dr. Pepper-Snapple said that it was "virtually impossible for any foreign object to enter any container during the bottling process"

"We have offered to dispatch a courier to pick up the product to take it out for testing by a third party forensics laboratory, but the consumer has declined this request. This lab would be able to analyze any rodent that got into the product, determine how it entered the container and even inspect the contents of its stomach. This process can take 6-8 weeks to yield conclusive findings. Until we have the opportunity to review the contents, we don't have a way to do a full investigation."