OnePlus One
OnePlus One will go on sale by the end of this month. OnePlus

The OnePlus One is easily the best option for anyone, who is looking for a flagship Android smartphone at a great price. The smartphone has top-notch specs, amazing battery life and good imaging, all at a rather affordable price. However, very few people around the globe have been fortunate enough to be able to get a chance to buy one.

Today, we compare the two options of procuring a OnePlus One: Buying via an invite from the company or purchasing one from a reseller. The comparison was first made by Andi Sykes, who writes for smartphone blog, GizChina.

Option 1: Buy Through A OnePlus One Invite

"First step to buying the OnePlus One officially through OnePlus was to get an invitation," says Andi in a report. "I was lucky enough to receive an invite from a fan of"

Since he already had an account on their site, placing their order was as simple as clicking a few buttons. He wanted to order the device from the UK and have it sent to Spain. However, the OnePlus system does check your IP and will only allow shipping from the same country. Eventually, Andi was able to work through some changes and place an order.

After waiting for over 2 weeks and going through minor hassles with shipping and customs complications, the phone was finally delivered. However, the phone was set up in French Canadian when it arrived.

Option 2: Buy The OnePlus One From a Reseller

This option, according to Andi, was the easier one among the two. He chose to go with Lenteen.Fr, who contacted him saying that they had stock. After adding the phone to his shopping basket and paying for it, he received an email with order confirmation and the tracking number.

"One week passed and an SMS to my phone indicated I had to pay customs on my phone. I was still in the UK and the customs cost was just £3. The next day I had the Chinese version of the OnePlus One in my hands.

"The reseller even offered to install CM11S for me at no extra charge and even sent along instructions for the process when Andi had agreed to do it himself," he added.

Verdict: Buying the OnePlus One from a reseller is the faster and easier options, according to the writer.

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