How to Get Away With Murder will be celebrating Christmas in its latest episode that airs tonight, 5 February at 10pm on ABC.

Episode 11 is titled, Best Christmas Ever, and the official synopsis reads as follows:

School is back in session after the holiday break and the entire university is talking about Annalise's missing husband. The Keating Five continue to be questioned by the police and we find out exactly how they've been dealing with the guilt of killing Sam. Meanwhile, Annalise tries to keep things business as usual by taking on a new client who is in the mob, but Hannah (Marcia Gay Harden) continues to pressure her for answers

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The show's characters are likely to stay on campus for the holidays this season and would spend time together at Wes Gibbin's apartment.

Alfred Enoch who plays Wes Gibbins and Katie Findlay who portrays Rebecca have hinted what can be expected in the upcoming episode.

Findlay told E!Online: "I think the interesting thing about the Christmas episode is it juxtaposes Wes and Rebecca and the rest of the kids because you get to see everyone else go home, which is hilarious and really great, and then you really get a sense of the lack of home to go to with them."

"They have each other, they have an apartment, the heat's on, alright. It is a little eerie," she said.

While Enoch added that there's a little bit of something nice to it, as we get to see a little bit of the couple's routine.

Meanwhile, Oscar-winning actress Marcia Gay Harden, who will appear on the show as Sam Keating's sister has revealed that Thursday's episode includes a "shocking discovery".

Harden told TVLine: "There's a big developed scene between Annalise and Hannah that's very contentious and very volatile. At the end of it, there's a huge, shocking discovery that changes everything about both of the ladies' approaches."

She added, "Annalise is a commanding general of a little army; you know that going in. And when they say, 'You're going to go toe-to-toe with her', you wonder, 'What is your artillery? What is your rank and what is your uniform?' And all of those questions are answered in a roundabout way."

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