HTGAWM season 2
Actor Conrad Ricamora as Oliver Hampton in HTGAWM season 2. ABC

Fans of the ABC series How To Get Away With Murder are freaking out about Oliver getting into trouble for trying to help in Annalise's case. It was also revealed in flash-forward scenes that Bonnie is the one who killed ADA Sinclair.

Oliver becomes involved in Annalise's case and goes against Connor's warning not to get involved. He pays no heed to Connor's warnings and works with Frank to track down Helena Hapstall's biological son Philip, who could be a serial killer.

The IT technician sets up a trap date for his boyfriend and Philip to collect the suspect's DNA. But things go very differently, as Philip, who has been monitoring Oliver through a secret bug on his laptop, shows up in the techie's apartment and says, "Hi, Oliver! How's your night going?"

The upcoming episode of HTGAWM's is titled, Hi, I'm Philip, which will pick up immediately after Philip shows up in Oliver's apartment. The promo for the episode shows Oliver is missing and Connor freaking out.

Laurel points out, "He [Oliver] has only been gone for an hour." But a much freaked out Connor shouts, "It takes a second to kill someone." Later, he warns Annalise and states, "If anything happens to him, it's on you."

Actor Conrad Ricamora, who plays Oliver, dished about his character's fate in an interview with Variety. When asked if Oliver was going to die, the actor said, "You'll have to watch next week to find out! You'll find out very early on in next week's episode what happens to Oliver and how this all plays out."

Speaking about the upcoming episode Hi I am Philip, Ricamora said, "You'll find more of who Philip is and what he's about, fairly early on. That's all I can say."

Conrad teased that Connor will feel guilty about getting Oliver into the mess. "You'll see Connor freaking out more and more and feeling guilty and paranoid that he's gotten Oliver this involved. I think that's going to inspire his anger, which will come to a head in the next few episodes."