Instagram is a widely used social media platform. In fact, it is the most popular platform in the world with TikTok. It enables its users to share pieces of their lives or certain parts of their business if used professionally. However, there is one thing in common between regular and professional users of Instagram: likes.

How to Get More Likes on Instagram?
How to Get More Likes on Instagram? Pixabay

Like all social media platforms, Instagram comes with the liking feature. In this article, we will touch upon how to get more likes on Instagram. Although there are many different ways to get likes, some of these methods can be more effective for you. Of course, using all of these methods will almost guarantee getting your desired number of likes. Let's start with the first method.

Posting Regularly

If you want to get more Instagram likes, we assume you have a public profile. Otherwise, your potential will be limited by your followers only. When you post on a regular basis, Instagram's algorithm puts your content forward. This is especially useful for professional accounts because posting regularly increases your chances of being shown on the Explore page.

If you are asking how often should I post, we can say that posting regularly once a day is enough for Instagram to put your content forward. When you start doing this, you will see the difference in one or three days.

Having a Niche and a Visual Style

To get more likes, you have to introduce your content to the right audience in the best way possible. It requires being consistent. Once you find a perfect niche, you can attract certain followers. When you do so, you will guarantee some of the likes you get. The reason for this guarantee is your regular followers.

If you are running a professional account, catching this consistency is even more significant. This way, you can create a brand image for your professional Instagram account.

Using Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories can increase your account's interactions. It is because stories can also appear on the Explore page. Be sure to include tags on your stories, especially geotags. Geotags will show your story on that location pin or hashtag. For example, if you have shared a story in New York, Instagram users who are looking at the New York location's stories can see yours as well.

You can also use other types of tags, such as quizzes or polls. These tags will make your story more entertaining, and you can attract new followers this way. Having new followers for your account directly increases your chances of getting more likes. That is why be sure not to avoid sharing Instagram Stories.

Using Call to Action Phrases

Call to action buttons and phrases are commonly used on the internet. Using call to action phrases will invite people to engage with your content. For example, you have shared a joke, and it was very accurate with the current news, and it is entertaining a lot. You might ask people to give you a like if this post put a smile on your face. It will remind people, especially the ones coming from the Explore page to give you what you deserve.

Writing Captions That Are Compatible With Your Content

When you are after Instagram likes, trying all things will be to your benefit. It is including writing the best captions for your posts. If you can come up with creative captions, it will be more entertaining, and you can get more likes for it.

Using Paid Advertisements

If you don't have enough time to apply the methods above, you can try using paid advertisements. To use this feature, you should have a professional Instagram account. There are two ways of using paid ads on Instagram. You can use them in stories, or you can promote your posts, which will show your desired post on other users' feeds.

Buying Instagram Likes

One other quick solution to Instagram likes is buying them. Like paid advertisements, it will result in a fast way. Yet, unlike paid advertisements, this method guarantees getting likes. However, you should be careful because not all websites that sell Instagram likes can be trustworthy. It is important to find a reliable website to buy Instagram likes. If you could find one, you can use this method for quick growth.

Getting More Likes on Instagram in Short

We have mentioned some of the most effective ways to get more likes on Instagram. These include:

  • posting regularly,
  • having a niche,
  • using stories,
  • using call to action phrases,
  • writing good captions,
  • paid advertisements,
  • and buying likes.

We hope the information in our article has been useful, and you could grow your Instagram account with many likes on your posts.