Galaxy S6 has been plagued with a reduced battery life problem ever since the device was released by Samsung, and the newer Lollipop updates don't seem to address the issue.

Hence, if you are a casual S6/S6 Edge user who wants to extend the phone's battery life without rooting or installing custom ROMs, then here are a few simple tricks to stem the battery drain of your phone right away:

  • Try switching your home and lock screen wallpaper to a simple black screen, as this will result in reduced usage of the AMOLED display with the processor not rendering any colours or content on the screen.
  • Then you can download the Mini icon pack from the Google Play Store, which will once again help in cutting down on processor and display resources.
  • Next up you can install the Nova Launcher, which is also available for free download via Play Store.
  • Finally, you can install the Pixel Filter which will actually disable unwanted pixels on the screen to save battery. However, it is recommended that you keep switching between the pixel-pattern to ensure that the AMOLED display does not burn out with the same individual pixel (black) being activated all the time.

[Source: XDA]