Cyanogen OS 12 Apps
How to install Cyanogen OS 12 Apps with bootanimation on any Android device XDA Developers

Avid Android fans no longer have to aspire for the stunningly impressive Cyanogen OS 12 Apps or the CyanogeMod 11S Apps as these apps can now be downloaded and installed manually on any Android device using a simple zip file via stock recovery.

These apps come with the native bootanimation, which has been exclusive for OnePlus One and Alcatel phones until now.

However, it is now possible to choose between a full, medium and small package of Cyanogen OS 12 Apps, based on the storage space available on the phone as well as specific user needs.

Note: These apps packages have been tested and confirmed to work on any AOSP ROM like CyanogenMod (CM), Omni, BlissPop, Resurrection Remix and Nameless. In addition, it is expected to work on AOKP, Pac Man and many such ROMs, but it may lead to some untested bugs or broken features.

However, the apps package may not work correctly with stock versions that run on Sense (HTC), TouchWiz (Samsung) and more such ROMs with OEM skins, as they may cause issues like force closes and crashes due to incompatibility.

Here is the complete changelog for the discerning app users:

- Boxer Email App
- CameraNext
- CMFileManager
- CMWallpapers
- GalleryNext
- Hexo Theme from CyanogenOS 12 (activate it in the CM Theme Engine on your phone)
- LockClock
- MaxxAudioFX
- NextBit
- Truecaller (incoming in CyanogenOS 12.1, but I have it alreay here)
- Screencast
- CM Theme Showcase
- Sound Recorder
- Terminal
- Theme Store
- Trebuchet Launcher
- Google Conenctivity Services
- Ambient Core (Cyanogen OS 12 Account Manager - important, dont delete it!)
- Android For Work
- Eleven Music App
- Face Lock
- Media Provider
- Theme Chooser

How the three packages differ from one another

Small package: For users with low System storage (like the Galaxy S2 or older)
Medium package: For users with more System storage (like the Galaxy S3 or newer)
Full package: For users who want to taste all COS 12 Apps

The Zip file will remove the following apps from your system to avoid bugs and deleting unnecessary apps:

  • Gallery2
  • CMWallpapers (new one will be installed!)
  • Camera2
  • CMFileManager (new one will be installed!)
  • Email
  • Terminal (new one will be installed!)
  • Sound Recorder (new one will be installed!)
  • Trebuchet (new one will be installed!)
  • Audio FX
  • CM Account Manager

Steps to install Cyanogen OS 12 apps with bootanimation on any Android device

Step 1: Download the specific apps package zip file as well as the bootanimation file from the download links below:

Flashable CyanogenOS 12 and CM11S Bootanimation

Step 2: Boot the phone into recovery and select install

Step 3: Browse and select the downloaded zip file, and then flash it

Note: You may need to re-flash the zip file after an AOSP ROM update on some ROMs.

[Source: XDA]