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Hodor holding the door HBO

Game of Thrones season 7 premiere is still a year away but the impact of the last few episodes of season 6 still remains strong in the minds of the fans of the popular show. The series has featured few intense moments including one of the saddest deaths in GoT history — Hodor's tragic death. Soon after the episode 'The Door' was aired, the phrase 'Hold the door' and 'Hodor' became wildly popular.

As some fans would imagine how the show producers have dubbed the specific scene in different languages, one Imgur user HooptyDooDooMeister seems to have found the answer. The user has translated the phrase "hold the door....Hodor" into 21 different languages and the result is amusing.

While the translation worked for Dutch ("Houd de deur"), Spanish ("Obstruye el corredor"), Danish and Norwegian ("Hold Doren") and Swedish ('Hall Dorren") — sounds very similar to the English version, it was quite hard to relate the popular phrase with the Russian ("Hod zatvori") and Polish ("Zahamuj dwych, lie moresz") ones.

However, the idea was fun and the picture series has been viewed by 29000 times till now. Watch the pictures below.

The episode Door from the sixth season not only showed the back-story of Kristian Nairn's character but also showed why Wylis became Hodor.

He was killed while trying to stop the White Walkers from attacking Bran by holding the door. Meera Reed, Bran's companion, was repeatedly telling him to hold the door till she crosses the danger mark. However, due to Bran's time travel ability, the young Wylis was affected by the traumatic experience from his distant future and was limited to only one word — Hodor.

Game of Thrones season 7 will return in summer next year.