katherine ryan
Katherine Ryan (right) presents How'd You Get So Rich? ITV

Ever wondered how the rich made their fortune? If it was either luck, something in their genes or something else that explained their success?

Then wonder no more, because comedian Katherine Ryan has gone on the hunt for some real answers in Monday night's (6 March) Channel 4 offering.

The Canadian host will showcase her icy wit as she has fun "rooting around in rich people's lives" in the entertaining programme. It also helps that she laps up the lifestyle instead of frowning upon the fortunate lives of the mind-blowingly rich.

She even claims: "Ah, wealth, my favourite scent," as she visits the ostentatious 13-bedroom mansion of Steve and Tracy Smith, who made £50m ($61m, €57m) between them when they sold Poundland.

Ryan also digs out beads of funny information, including the detail that Steve spent hours personally painting the little bunches of grapes on one of the ceilings, proving that even multi-millionaires like to DIY.

Later on in the programme she tracks preening playboy Danny in his orange Lamborghini, who started out in pop music before making his millions through hotels in central London.

In America, the comedian pays a visit to the richest plastic surgeon in the world, who has performed his magic on many a famous face.

The 33-year-old comedian, who is based in London, doesn't fail to charm each any every single one of her interviewees.

Tune in to How'd You Get So Rich? on Channel 4 at 10pm tonight.