Rafael Orozco
Rafael Orozco is said to have become angry after his wife breastfed their baby in front of a doctor Taos County Adult Detention Center

Police in the United States have launched a manhunt for a suspected abusive husband accused of punching his wife in the face after she breastfed their newborn baby in front of a male doctor. Rafael Orozco, 22, flew into a furious rage at a hospital in the New Mexico town of Taos, a town 130 miles northeast of Albuquerque, on 21 September.

According to a police report, Orozco punched partner Iesha Hartt, who gave birth earlier that day, in the mouth after a male doctor walked in on her breastfeeding their baby girl. The papers added he also slapped the infant over the head prompting the hospital staff to intervene.

Hartt described Orozco as a "very jealous man", according to the report, which also details how he called her names after she began feeding their daughter and grabbed her by the throat. The attack left Hartt with scratches on her shoulder area, the report said.

After being confronted by staff, Orozco ran out of the hospital's maternity ward but was eventually restrained by a security guard. However, the father managed to flee after guards let him go after telling them he was armed with a gun.

Detectives placed the hospital on lockdown overnight during the unsuccessful search for Orozco, which also included the assailant's home as well as that of Hartt's mother.