I Wanna Marry Harry
Prince Harry would never find a wife via a TV show, but this he would probably do. Fox

A US television network has sent 12 American women to a British country house to win a fake Prince Harry's hand in marriage.

It sounds like an Alan Partridge TV pitch, but it's real and Fox have now offered their first glimpse at the show which is called I Wanna Marry Harry.

As you might expect it looks horrifying and awful and brilliant.

Among the group of duped women are a school teacher, a model, Miss Los Angeles County and a pre-med student studying cell and molecular biology "with an interest in ophthalmology". Wait, what?

There are annoying American accents, annoying British accents and plenty of English stereotypes. It's basically any US sitcom that decided to come to England for a one off episode.

Once the women arrive they're taken for tea in the grounds of a country house (not a castle as the girls assume) when a helicopter lands with the Prince Harry lookalike inside. He's quickly rushed off, leaving the girls to speculate who it was.

Those in on the joke never call the fake Prince by his royal title, instead calling him "Sir". Enter Matt Hicks – the fake Harry the girls intend to scrap over.

I Wanna Marry Harry airs in the US on 27 May.

I Wanna Marry Harry
Shin guards? Check. Helmet? Check. Crop top and shorts? Check. Now that's cricket. Fox
I Wanna Marry Harry