Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed
Actors Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder got married in a private ceremony late last month Getty Images

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder, who got married late last month, are reportedly hoping for a "honeymoon baby".

According to a report in OK! Magazine, "Ian promised Nikki in his wedding vows that he was going to be the best dad ever."

If that's not enough, he added that they would "start the 'baby-making process' right away", according to reports.

The Twilight star wants to become a mother and the couple have been discussing on starting a family from the last leg of their honeymoon, hinting at the possibility of a "honeymoon baby".

"They think having a honeymoon baby would be 'a great story to tell their children'," a source said.

Recently, the actress had stated that she could not wait to start a family with The Vampire Diaries actor.

"My mom's the strongest, boldest woman I know," she shared with E!News. "She is my role model in every way. It's really a beautiful thing to sort of idolize someone so close to you."

"At some point... yes," she told the website when asked about becoming a mother.

Ian and Nikki dated for around nine months before getting married in California last month, just four months after their engagement. The couple was spotted having fun on their honeymoon in South America.

Salty...sandy...sticky...sunburned. The best. I love this human. My human.

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The 36-year-old actor recently described married life with the 27-year-old actress as ''amazing'' and added that their first few weeks as husband and wife have been the ''best time [he's] ever had''.

The 36-year-old actor also gushed over Nikki on his Instagram account and called her a ''dream come true''.

Given their whirlwind romance, engagement and secret marriage, fans would not be surprised if the baby announcement is made in the near future.

But fans speculate that their "fast forward" romance will not last, given that Reed had married her first husband, American Idol alum Paul McDonald, after dating him for only seven months.

Previously a report claimed, "This has Nikki's MO written all over it. She jumps headfirst into things and gets caught up in the moment. There are a lot of people who can see this ending in tears."

"She's a heartbreaker who adores those exciting first few months of a relationship, but some folks are questioning whether she truly understands the sanctity of marriage," the source added.

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