iFile developer working on iFile compatible with iOS 8. lemonlennon.altervista

The iFile developer has confirmed the availability of iFile 2.1.0-1 jailbreak tweak in Cydia.

Last week, the developer mentioned that he was working on an iOS 8 compatible version of his jailbreak tweak. The first update for the tweak will fix bugs in the Box SDK and add iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus compatibility.

The new update to iFile, as promised by the developer, integrates a plethora of enhancements and fixes.

iFile 2.1.0-1 will be available in Cydia later tonight. Change-log can be found at http://t.co/afv1M19hnE.

— iFile (Cydia) (@iFile4iPhone) October 31, 2014

iFile 2.1.0-1 is now available in Cydia.

— iFile (Cydia) (@iFile4iPhone) November 1, 2014

The iFile is a complete file manager and viewer and gives full free access to the files of a jailbroken device. If you do not have the update, you can get it from Cydia for $3.99.


  • Added Hebrew localisation
  • Added iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus support
  • Added icons for iPhone 6 Plus
  • During search in file list the search magnifying glass icon gets replaced with an activity indicator


  • Fixed problem in not listing some external viewers, e.g. Whatsapp, Dropbox, iMovie etc
  • Fixed issue that Bluetooth transfers via GameKit were not working on iOS 7+ anymore
  • Fixed issue that stored URL from a 2nd tab will be stored back to 1st tab
  • Fixed that status bar was black on black in Audio Player
  • Fixed bug in Box SDK that lead to crash on launch on iOS 8
  • Updated "Pull down to refresh" arrow with iOS 7 styled one on iOS 7 and later
  • Fixed that integer numbers containing a decimal indicator (, or .) got interpreted as floats in Property List Editor number fields