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Rebekah Vardy gags during the Worst Dates eating task ITV

Rebekah Vardy has had a "meltdown" on I'm A Celebrity, after losing a "battle of the sexes" contest. The 35-year-old went into a rage and blamed her teammate for the loss, claiming that the girls had "let us down massively".

The girls were pitted against the boys for a food reward, which included a lamb shank and some chicken. Rebekah and comedian Shappi Khorsandi were defeated by Dennis Wise and Jamie Lomas from the boys' team.

When they returned to the camp, the WAG started ranting immediately: "I was f***ing fuming earlier, I'm just knackered I was desperate to win it earlier but f***ing Shappi, oh my god. We were desperate to win it but it's been such hard work."

She continued to hold Shappi responsible saying: "Shappi was lagging behind massively in the swimming one, we had to swim 200-300 metres with a full ruck sack on your back, lifejacket, helmet on your head. I was literally dying so I turned over and I'm looking at Shappi and her helmet has come over her head."

Shappi, however, said she enjoyed the tough competition and thought it was a failure to communicate that led to the girls' loss.

Later in the Bush Telegraph, Rebekah confessed: "Everyone knew I was not remotely happy at all. I can't hide my emotions, I don't have to say much my face just says it all when I'm pissed off."

"Becky doesn't take to losing well, she was fuming. She had a meltdown and didn't stop having a meltdown for a while," said Shappi of her teammates' exasperation.

Twitter had a mixed reaction to Vardy's crazy reaction after the loss.

Most were clearly outraged...

But there was an exception like this Tweet which was all praise for Becky's toughness...