Car driving at night in India
The woman reportedly suffered injuries to her head and leg as a result of the accident SAJJAD HUSSAIN/AFP/Getty Images

A man has died and a woman is in hospital after his vehicle collided with a truck in India while the couple were apparently having sex.

The incident took place on the Pilibhit-Puranpur highway in the state of Uttar Pradesh on the night of 22 February. It is believed that the accident occurred after the 31-year-old man, from Puranpur, had gone to Pilibhit to pick up his girlfriend. The woman, 24, is now recovering in hospital after suffering injuries to her head and leg. The man died at the scene.

Gajraula station officer Rajesh Yadav told the Times of India: "Probably the couple were having sex in the moving car and either didn't see the truck coming from the other side or couldn't drive past it. The driver lost his life immediately after the accident due to grave injuries. The girl, who has a deep gash on her head and a fractured leg, is out of danger."

Officers said that the pair were naked from the waist down when they were recovered from the vehicle. It is thought that the driver lost control of the car and was unable to avoid the oncoming truck. The truck driver is said to be under investigation for "rash driving".

Locals at the Bengali Colony reportedly tried to save the victim after witnessing the horrific accident. An officer said: "It was residents who rushed out of their homes when they heard the loud crash. They tried to rescue the passengers in the car, but the man had already died by then."

However, some have rejected the idea that the couple were having sex when the accident took place. Sachin Sangare posted on the Times of India website: "It is factually improbable to drive a motor vehicle during the claimed headline activity. Just because the victims were unclothed waist- down, it doesn't mean they were engaged in such activity during the impact. Wishful thinking should not be stretched to assume fiction over facts."