Bangalore skyline
Bangalore city as viewed from a vantage near the Corporation Circle Muhammad Mahdi Karim

At least one person has been critically injured in a bomb blast in the southern Indian city of Bangalore on Sunday evening.

The blast took place near a restaurant in Church Street, a popular fine dining and shopping area in central Bangalore, between 8.30pm and 9pm local time (5pm and 5.30pm GMT).

Bangalore police said preliminary investigations suggest the explosion was caused by an improvised explosive device (IED), and confirmed two people were injured.

Eyewitnesses have told local media channels at least four were injured.

A woman with critical injuries to the head has been taken to hospital.

City police commissioner MN Reddi said the blast took place at 8.30pm near the Coconut Grove restaurant on Church Street – a favoured hangout of the weekend crowd.

Police said they are investigating the blast and that they have not ruled out a "terror" angle to the incident. The scene of the blast has been cordoned off.

Following the blast, the police put the city on terror alert and the entire police force has been mobilised.

The blast comes after the Islamic State (Isis) militants warned the Bangalore police of dire consequences following the arrest of leading Twitter jihadi Mehdi Masroor Biswas in the city.

Following his arrest, the Islamic State supporters sent a direct message to the Bangalore joint commissioner Hemanth Nimbalkar and deputy commissioner Abhishek Goyal, who played instrumental roles in arresting Biswas.

In message addressed to Bangalore Police, Islamic State supporter Abouanfal Almaghribi (@abouanfal6) said: "We will not leave our brothers in your hand. Revenge is coming. Wait for our reaction."

That account has since been suspended.