India and Pakistan – two countries that are turning 70 this year – have decided to put their rivalries aside and celebrate their independence together by uniting their national anthems.

The "peace anthem" has been shared by a pro-peace Facebook group Voice of Ram that hopes to end the hatred between the countries with this song. The new song features artists from both the countries singing each other's national anthems: Jana Gana Mana of India and Pāk Sarzamīn of Pakistan.

The video that begins with the words – "When we open our borders to art, peace comes along" – has gathered a lot of attention and love from both sides of the borders. It starts with some of the Indian artists singing Pakistan's national anthem, later joined by artists from the other side of the border singing the Indian anthem Jana Gana Mana.

The peace anthem closes with the words, "Let's stand together for peace", the BBC reported.

The latest video comes close on the heels of another song posted by Voice of Ram on 11 August, which has already garnered 468,000 views. It features an Indian a cappella band –Voxchord – singing Pakistan's national anthem as a gift for all Pakistanis.

The song starts with a beautiful message that states, "This is our way of wishing you, Happy Birthday Pakistan." Then it shows band members holding placards, saying: "This Independence Day, we'd like to dedicate a song to our neighbours. A song about faith, pride and grandeur, of power, progress and perfection."

Reports say the two-minute footage has moved several in Pakistan, with Dawn newspaper describing it as a "surprise offering", that is "quite a treat to listen to".

People from both sides of the border supported peace and poured love for each other on Facebook and Twitter.

One Facebook user from India, Kalpesh Patel wrote: "Hope this goes viral in Pakistan. Some of us Indians care for peace. The best "independence" day gift both countries can give each other."

Osama Farooqui from Pakistan replied, "It has gone viral. Simply soulful and extremely peaceful listening to it. Love from Pakistan."

While one Twitter user overwhelmed by the Indian gesture wrote: "Our Indian brethren's dedication to us- singing Pakistan's national anthem. Towards peace. Convergence. Love."

Pakistan and India separated on 14 August, 1947 and since then the relationship between the two neighbours is more than strained, primarily over the disputed region of Kashmir.

Filmmaker and activist Ram Subramanian, who heads Voice of Ram, believes that there are many from both sides of the border who want a peaceful relation between the two countries.

He said that he created the videos "because a lot of people are afraid to speak about peace, and it's an illogical fear".

"To me, these videos mean a new beginning, another small step towards peace," Subramanian added.

India tricolour flag
India celebrates its independence day on 15 August, a day after Pakistan - File photo Reuters