A woman in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh called off her wedding after her groom kissed her in front of hundreds of guests without her permission. The incident took place on November 26 in Sambhal, a city in Uttar Pradesh.

The groom kissed her on stage in front of almost 300 people after the couple exchanged garlands to win a bet with friends. The woman walked off the stage and informed the police. Her parents and relatives tried to pacify her, but to no avail.

The woman said that she was "doubtful about his character" since the man kissed her to win a bet. "He was touching me inappropriately while we were on stage, but I ignored it," the woman was quoted as saying by The Times of India.

"Then he did something unexpected. I was shocked and felt insulted. He did not care about my self-respect and acted badly in front of several guests. How would he act in the future?" she added.

The groom dismissed the allegations that he kissed her over a bet. Meanwhile, the police have said that the couple is technically married as all rituals had been completed by the time the incident took place.

"...she has rejected the groom, Vivek Agnihotri, 26. We will decide what to do after waiting for a couple of days for things to cool down," Bahjoi station house officer (SHO) Pankaj Lavania, told TOI.

The bride's mother has claimed that her son-in-law was provoked by his friends and that they will wait and make a decision in a few days.

"Now my daughter doesn't want to go with him. We tried convincing her, but she didn't agree. We have decided to wait a few days and let her take some time," she said.

This is not the first time that a bride has decided to call off her wedding. Several such incidents have been reported from India, wherein women called off their weddings over dowry demands.

In a recent incident reported from the state, a woman called off her wedding after the groom broke into a "snake dance."

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