Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Indian spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has received threats from Isis Reuters

Islamic State (Isis) has threatened to kill Art of Living Foundation's founder, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar if he continues carrying out "Hindu activities" in Malaysia.

The threats were made in letters which were addressed to the organisation's Malaysia unit.

"Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is touring some countries in the Far East and he landed in Malaysia yesterday and few days ago while he was in Cambodia, we received threat letters from Isis," said Nakul, an aide of Ravi Shankar. "One was received by the hotel manager, one was received by the director of Art of Living and one by senior faculty, and the content of the letter is very threatening saying if you go ahead with the programme there will be consequences," he added.

"The authorities have immediately notified the local authorities. We also contacted the Indian Embassy and we also conducted an investigation to find the source of the letter. We are going ahead," he said.

The ISIS letter read: "If he steps foot into Malaysia your hotel and venues of his activities will be destroyed and many thousands will die for him. We don't want Ravi Shankar to step into any Muslim country".

The Art of Living ran a morning yoga programme which attracted 10,000 participants. A separate programme is ongoing in Penang which was attended by 70,000 people. Nakul said that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is set to join the programme in Penang.

Malaysia is a diverse country with people from all walks of life and religion. The country is predominantly made up of Muslims, who account for 60% of the country's 30 million inhabitants, and there is also a sizeable minority population of Hindu and Buddhists.