Smartphone manufacturers regularly release software updates to address reported issues related to the device's performance and functions. Unfortunately, sometimes the new operating system versions fail to fix some problems or on rare occasions introduce new ones into the mix. For a while now, Apple's track record when it comes to removing bugs has been reliable. As such, the release of the iOS 13.3 beta has reportedly resolved a persistent error from the older firmware and added a new feature.

Please take note that as Apple indicated, iOS 13.3 is far from the final build. Only those who have signed up for the brand's beta program can access this update right now. One of the changes highlighted by TechRadar pertains to RAM management. In the previous build, users were complaining about how it prevents background apps from running. For now, testers are evaluating what other improvements it is bringing to the table.

Equally notable is the inclusion of the Communication Limits tool, which can be found in the Screen Time menu. This program gives owners complete control over how other people use their Apple device. Parents can now configure their children's iPhones to control the time calls are allowed or block certain contacts for safety or privacy purposes. Moreover, it is not limited to telephony features only. Sources can confirm that blocking video calls are likewise a supported function.

Mobile devices are not the only ones receiving updates, as Apple also recently released macOS Catalina for its computing lineup. Just like the original launch of iOS 13, it came with a suite of improvements, but also apparently caused a big headache for certain users. iTunes was officially retired, but the developers had one major oversight, which led to DJs losing access to their library management system. Additionally, 32-bit applications were no longer supported and prompted complaints from consumers.

Problems similar to these are not entirely exclusive to Apple's collection of products. In fact, Google and Samsung were recently scrambling to come up with fixes for each brand's respective flagship handsets. On the other hand, industry analysts believe the Cupertino-based tech outfit is on the right track with iOS 13.3 as long as the beta weeds out other problems, the next official firmware release should take care of everything.

Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks on-stage during a product launch event at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, Photo: AFP / Josh Edelson Josh Edelson/AFP