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Top 20 jailbreak tweaks for iOS 8 and iOS 8.1. carajailbreak

Jailbreak tweak developers have made several tweaks and apps available for the jailbreak community and users have installed the untethered jailbreak on their iOS 8-iOS 8.1 devices using the Pangu8 jailbreak tool. The large number of tweaks available might confuse users as to which are the best ones for their jailbroken device.

Here is a list containing the top 20 jailbreak tweaks, allowing you to make the most on your iOS device.

Flux: This jailbreak tweak changes the colour of your PC's display according to the time of the day; warm at night and sunlight during the day.

Alkaline: It is a free battery theming tweak which allows easy switching between themes for the battery indicator.

Status HUD 2: Developed by Alan Yip, who has also developed Tap on Widgets and Overview jailbreak tweaks, the StatusHUD brings the volume HUD (heads-up display) to the status bar.

NoSlowAnimation: It does not slow down the animations on iOS and makes them much faster. Enable the Reduce Motion by navigating to Settings>> General>> Accessibility>> Reduce Motion.

Zeppelin: This tweak, developed by Alex Zielenski, allows changing iPhone's carrier logo.

WinterBoard: Jay Freeman aka saurik's Winterboard is used for theming GUI elements such as app icons.

Live Battery Indicator: It merges the battery percentage and the battery status bar indicator into a single circular battery indicator. It is available for free on Cydia.

SwipeSelection: This allows you to select text on your iOS device by swiping the finger over the default system keyboard.

ICleaner: This cleans up space on your iOS device.

DockShift: It lets you to change the look and feel of the iPhone dock by allowing you to change the background.

Classic Dock: Using Classic Dock you can add a reflective dock to your iPhone or iPad.

Bloard: It turns the white keyboard into a light black version, which is easier on the eyes. You can turn the feature off anytime from the stock settings app.

Blueboard: It changes the system keyboard's keys to blue on your iOS device.

Bytafont 2: Allows you to change the system font on the jailbroken device.

Cylinder: Changes the page swipe animation on the home screen.

ShowCase: It changes the letters to small and upper case depending on whether the shift key is enabled or not.

Classic badges: Brings iOS 6-style notification badges to your iOS device.

Flurry: Changes the blurred style of Notification Center, Control Center and other elements using the iOS blur.

Mobius: It allows swipe through Home screen pages infinitely on the jailbroken iOS device.

Savegram: Lets you save Instagram photos and videos you find on your news feed.

[Source: iPhone hacks]