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At its Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple unveiled the next iOS iteration that will be available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch this fall. The new release, the company claims, makes the iOS device more proactive with a powerful search as well as improved Siri features, without compromising on user privacy.

However, what is more interesting is that Apple has introduced several features in iOS 9, which have been available for jailbreak fans via tweaks and apps for a while.

The following is a list of popular jailbreak tweaks which have ended up making their way through to iOS 9.


This tweak can multitask by playing multiple videos from YouTube, iTunes, Safari, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Twitch, iPlayer and more. Created by renowned developer Ryan Petrich, this jailbreak tweak allows watching videos anywhere in the iOS.

Apple has just introduced this tweak through a new feature, Picture in Picture mode, in iOS 9 on the iPad.


Another popular jailbreak tweak the SearchSettings, adds a search box to the top of the Settings app. Apple has just added the same feature in iOS 9.

Just launch the Settings app from your home screen and swipe down to get the search bar on top.


Like the SwipeSelection, which lets you text on the iPad using gestures on the keyboard to move the cursor and select text, Apple has now added a feature to the iPad keyboard.


iOS 9 can now change the case of the letters on its software keyboard when Shift key is pressed, which is similar to what the ShowCase tweak does.


Compatible with iOS 5, 6 and 7, the BattSaver tweak doubles the battery life of your jailbroken iOS device. There are new power management features and a notable one is the Low Power Mode in iOS 9 that lets you extend the battery life further.


Copic, short for Contact Picture, shows contact photos everywhere in your iPhone, iPad and iPod. It is very similar to iOS 9 showing contact photos in the Messages app on all the devices.


Split View in iOS 9 for iPad lets you open two apps and be active at the same time. This is what the ReachApp does by adding split-screen multitasking using the stock Reachability feature.


This jailbreak tweak allows you to specify different apps to show up during different times of the day in Control Center. With iOS 9, Apple has introduced a feature to help suggest apps to launch based on a user's habits.

Quick Reply

Apple has added the Quick Reply API for all the apps in iOS 9, allowing users to send an instant reply to the WhatsApp contact, without even going into the app. This is something a few jailbreak tweaks such as IMN for LINE and Facebook Messenger, Nuntius for WhatsApp and QuickReplier for Viber, have been doing.

Source: Redmond Pie