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Blackberry is still experiencing severe difficulties, which could not have come at a better time for Apple who is today launching the widely anticipated iOS5.

The iOS5 will be launching the new mobile operating system to be used on most of its devices, however, could the new iMessenger make the Blackberry obsolete?

Although many people claim to run their business from their Blackberry and it is a world leader as far as enterprise is concerned, will the public sector now abandon the RIM-made phone?

Non-business users have purchased the Blackberry line of devices for a multitude of reasons; the main however, is for the exceedingly popular Blackberry Messenger or BBM.

The iMessenger will be used in synchronisation with texting, allowing for the free service to be used in place of texting where possible. Texts are automatically sent as iMessages to other iOS5 users making the experience completely seamless.

Twitter has come alive with messages regarding the irony in the Blackberry down time and the launch of such a competitive update from Apple.

One reads: "so iMessenger has launched.... BBM has stopped working... All hail #SteveJobs" another, posted seconds after the first says: "Still no BBM, no emails, nothing! If iOS5 comes out with iMessenger...RIM is dead to me! >:O."

Blackberry fans however maintain that the BBM service isn't the sole reason for a Blackberry purchase. Yet, it would seem with this latest Apple update, the iPhone will put a larger gap between itself and its competitors.