Apple is drawing a lot of attention in the past weeks for both good and bad reasons. The latter is apparently the more prominent of the two after insiders leaked several key details about the iPhone 12. It appears the Cupertino, California-based tech firm is about to give consumers another reason to go for Android instead. However, depending on how analysts look at it, there might also be some good news for those who plan to get one. For example, a reliable source reveals an early release this September.

Even though the latest iteration of the popular smartphone will be the main attraction, Apple is prepared to unveil several new hardware as well. These include the updated versions of the iPad Pro, Apple Watch, AirPower, AirTags, and ARM-based MacBooks among others. The information apparently comes from Twitter user @ihacktu who claims to be "Serial Leaker" of all things related to the brand.

It seems Apple plans to go with two separate product launches: a little over a month from now and another the month after it. The first one is supposedly on Sept. 8, which will debut the iPhone 12 lineup, the Apple Watch Series 6, AirPower, and iPad. What purportedly follows is the announcement of the Apple Glass, iPad Pro, and MacBooks with ARM chipsets on Oct. 27.

These appear to match the details teased by another notable source of Apple-related leaks, Jon Prosser. Meanwhile, many are surprised that despite the manufacturing challenges due to the coronavirus outbreak, the company was able to move its projected launch earlier that what was anticipated.

Apple debuts the new iPhone SE
Apple is using the A13 Bionic chipset – also used by the iPhone 11 series – to give the second-generation iPhone SE more power Photo: Apple

Circling back to some of the downsides that are allegedly shipping with the iPhone 12, it might possibly push even longtime Apple fans to consider alternatives. So far, rumours are suggesting that battery life is lower in addition to plans of no longer including a charger and EarPods in the box. It is speculated that Apple will likely meet its shipment quota as it moves most of the production to another facility in Chennai, India. It is currently unknown if these will only involve smartphones or other devices as well.