As Apple becomes the subject of controversy over its alleged antitrust practices related to its App Store policies, leaks continue to expose more about its upcoming hardware announcements. The iPhone 12 has been regularly showing up in headlines after top tech industry analysts were discussing details regarding its launch. In a recent earnings call, a representative pointed out that plans have been pushed back by a few weeks due to "uncertainty around the world." However, a renowned source shared more on the company's upcoming release roadmap.

The news comes from longtime Apple insider Jon Prosser, who has enjoyed an impressive track record when it comes to the accuracy of his reports. The Cupertino-based tech group usually follows an annual schedule wherein its latest smartphones debut in September, with preorders and shipments following shortly thereafter. Now, it seems that unexpected delays due to the pandemic have prompted these drastic changes.

A tweet from Prosser read: "Reminder: though my overall track record is around 80%, I've never actually gotten a product announcement date wrong..." Another post noted: "With the staggered release of iPhone 12 and uncertainty of final dates for Pro models, there's a chance that the dates could slip/change. I'll let you know if anything gets changed! But for now, this is the info in the system."

According to his original twitter post, Apple will still have an event next month to introduce the Apple Watch Series 6 and new iPad. Meanwhile, the iPhone 12 lineup is supposedly slated for an October reveal with preorders and availability to follow approximately a week after. What caught people by surprise, on the other hand, was the iPhone 12 Pro.

Prosser indicated that while the range-topping model will be showcased alongside the other versions in one presentation, availability will be delayed a month or more. Another update also talks about the manufacturer's plans to offer subscription bundles for its upcoming handsets. Internally, it is referred to as Apple One and will apparently have multiple tiers.

Apple's results suggest momentum
One analyst said Apple's latest results suggest momentum heading into the season when it will likely release its iPhone 12. Photo: AFP / Josh Edelson

Services that have been listed include Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple New+, an unnamed fitness platform, and extra iCloud storage. In 2018, there were already rumours surrounding it and was even hinted at after iOS 13.5.5 was data-mined last month. As consumers no longer view iPhones as innovative, pairing the iPhone 12 catalogue with additional services could make it more attractive for consumers.