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According to a new report from Apple Insider, Apple's 5.5in iPhone 6 will feature more powerful processing capabilities when compared to the 4.7in version.

According to Apple Insider, Cowen & Co analyst Timothy Arcuri believes that the 5.5-inch iPhone will feature a more powerful application processor than its smaller sibling. The information was sourced through Asian supply chain checks. However, there are no specific details about processor speed available at the moment.

This development does not come as a surprise since Apple's iPad Mini has a slower processing package than the company's iPad Air, even though they use the same processor. There is speculation that the 5.5in iPhone 6 might be able to fit in better performance parts since it has a larger body.

Apart from processing differences, Arcuri also believes that both iPhone 6 models could house different touch modules. While it isn't clear as to what the difference will be between both their touch modules, it does mean that they will be different when it comes to functionality.

In other iPhone 6 related news while some rumours point at a 19 September launch date, others indicate that the smartphone will be launched in October 2014.

Following the launch of the iPhone, Apple is expected to launch new MacBook Pros, a new MacBook Air and many other products. In the software side of things, the company is also expected to launch iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite later this year.