The rumour surrounding the release of the new iPad have finally subsided, with the product's launch and market release.

The focus, therefore, is now on the release of the next generation iPhone - expected sometime later this year, which could be as early as June or as late as October.

A Reuters report quotes a South Korean newspaper as saying the next iPhone could feature a 4.6in display, contrary to earlier rumours suggesting a more traditional 4in screen and a significant increase over the current 3.5in screen.

According to Reuters, the Maeil Business Newspaper said: "Apple has decided on the bigger 4.6in display for its next iPhone and started placing orders to its suppliers," quoting an unnamed industry source.

There are already several Android-powered devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S2, which have a 4in screen or larger. It would therefore make sense for Apple to offer users a larger screen to tempt them away. However, Samsung does also have the Galaxy Nexus which features a 4.65in screen.

Meanwhile, the proliferation of iPhone cases with measurements of at least a 4in screen seems to suggest the suppliers, or at least a majority of them, are convinced about the new iPhone's display size.

However, until the new iPhone is actually launched, we won't know what Apple has got up its sleeve.