A member of the Iraqi security forces battles Isis militants in Ramadi, al Anbar province (Reuters)
Iraqi security forces battle Isis militants in Ramadi, al Anbar province. Reuters

Forty-five people have been burned to death by Islamic State (Isis) militants in the Iraqi town of al-Baghdadi, local police say.

Many of the victims are believed to be security forces, according to Col. Qasim al-Obedi, reported the BBC.

Al-Obedi said a compound housing the families of security personnel and local officials came under attack.

Al-Baghdadi was captured by IS fighters on 15 February after months of fighting. It was one of the few towns that remained under control of the Iraqi government.

It comes as eight suicide bombers attempted to blow themselves up at an Iraqi military base where hundreds of US marines were training local troops. Iraqi forces managed to repel the militants with US Air Force support.

IS forces have captured huge swathes of Iraq and Syria as part of its effort to create an Islamic caliphate.