A counterfeit set of Lego toys depicting militants from the Isis terror group, including British fighter Jihadi John, have been reportedly pulled from shelves in Singapore. The set of toys, believed to have been manufactured in China, contained figurines of militants carrying the Isis flag, detonating dynamite and firing AK-47s.

They toys, part of the "Falcon Commandos" sets, were sold for between $3.80 and $25 (£2.83 - £18) and were recommended for children aged between six and 12, local news site Straits Times reported.

The publication also said that one online retailer was selling the toys, described as "militants" and "bombers". Figurines include one depicting Jihadi john, described as an "extremist who enjoys blowing things up for fun. One day, he'll blow himself up".

The now-deceased Mohammed Emwazi, also known as Jihadi John, was an executioner who beheaded dozens of hostages including two Britons and three Americans in propaganda videos. Emwazi was part of a group of four Isis fighters dubbed "The Beatles" because of their strong British accents heard in videos.

The toys were removed amid concerns that they glorify the actions of Isis, which has killed and enslaved thousands of people since its emergence in 2014. The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) said that it was "extremely concerned that figurines which propagate acts of violence are being offered for sale for the young".

"This is especially troubling when Muis has been actively working to counter the messaging behind extremist movements such as ISIS," it added.

A similar incident occurred in Malaysia in June, when an Isis-inspired "Falcon Commandos" fake Lego series was discovered on sale for less than $2 (£1.50). A serial number of a box allegedly sold in Taiping, north of Kuala Lumpur, was traced back to China.

Lego has already distanced itself from the sets of counterfeit toys.

A spokesperson for the company told IBTimes UK in June: "The company referred to, as well as the product(s) in question, is in no way affiliated with the Lego Group. The product is not a Lego product – nor are the bricks in the set Lego bricks. As a company dedicated to inspire and develop children, we would naturally never make a product like this,"the spokesperson continued.

"We take the necessary steps to ensure that we protect our intellectual rights and even more important consumers. We believe that consumers should never be in doubt when they purchase a genuine Lego product that delivers on the high quality safety standards we have, as well as our core values – and when they purchase something else."

Jihadi John
Jihadi John, whose real name was Mohammed Emwazi, was killed in a drone strike Reuters