Ramadi ISIS
Iraqi security forces are seen during a patrol, as smoke rises from clashes with Islamic State militants, near Ramadi, in September. Reuters

RAF Tornado fighters have bombed Islamic State (IS) positions near Ramadi, 100km west of Baghdad, amid reports that the Iraqi city is on the brink of capitulating to the jihadist group.

The Ministry of Defence said two of its Tornado jet fighters have dropped precision-guided bombs on a fortified building occupied by IS militants in the area.

"Last night, two of our aircraft, flying in support of Iraqi security forces, successfully used Paveway IV precision-guided bombs to attack ISIL [IS] terrorists, fortified in a building near Ramadi, who were firing on Iraqi soldiers," the MoD said.

Turkey's Anadolu news agency reported that IS leader in Ramadi's Anbar province, Shaker Wahib, was killed during international coalition strikes in the city.

The House of Commons voted to authorise the use of air strikes in Iraq in September and the UK has since played an active role in combat missions, as part of a 40-nation strong alliance against the extremist group.

The developments in Ramadi came after security sources in Anbar said that government troops had withdrawn from large parts of the city, regrouping in its northern districts, the Washington-based Institute for the Study of War reported. The claim was denied by Baghdad.

Meanwhile, Iraqi security forces said they are surrounding the nearby town of Hit, which fell in the hands of the Sunni militants earlier this month.

"[Iraqi forces are] making a ring round the town to prevent more Islamic State militants entering and stop any logistical support," Anbar province police chief Ahmed Al-Dulaimi told Bloomberg, adding that more air strikes were needed before the army could move to retake to city.

Despite the ongoing international air offensive, IS militants have been making gains in Iraq and in Syria.

Earlier today an IS flag was flown atop a building on the eastern side of the Syrian city of Kobani, where the Islamist group has been fighting Kurdish forces.

Many commentators have expressed doubts that the battle against Isis can be won from the air.