A Kurdish female fighter against Islamic State (Isis) insurgents has allegedly died near the Iraqi city of Kobani.

Hebun Sinya was a commander of the Women's Protection Units (YPJ), a female-only armed group created in 2012. It originated from the People's Protection Units, commonly known as YPG.

It is not yet clear in what circumstances Sinya allegedly died.

Some Turkish media have alleged she died along with three other comrades at the end of January during an operation in villages surrounding Kobani.

IS insurgence in Syria and Iraq has seen the rise of female fighters who have joined men in the fight against the terrorists in Syria.

The news of Sinya's alleged death came as reports said Kurdish fighters in Kobani defeated IS insurgents after a four-month-long fierce battle.

"The city has been fully liberated," senior Kurdish official Idriss Nassan said in a phone interview at the end of January.