Israel Palestine House Bulldozer Demolition

An Israeli court has ruled that Palestinian citizens who are to have their houses demolished in Haifa must also cover the costs of the demolition, according to Middle East Monitor.

The home owners must pay approximately £3,500 (20,000 Israeli shekels) each to authorities for the demolition of homes that belong to Palestinian citizens of Israel, who refused to leave the land when Israel was created in 1948.

Most of the families do not have the resources to pay for the cost, or to relocate to a new home after their residence has been demolished.

Ata Hamid, one of the residents whose home is under threat, said that the Israeli authorities wish to demolish the homes and replace them wish Jewish settlers.

Hamid continued by saying that, despite living in the prosperous city of Haifa, "Arab-Israelis" still suffer dire economic circumstances in comparison to Israeli citizens.

He called on all Palestinians in Haifa, Lod and Ramle to reject Israel's discriminatory housing policy and stand up to the demolitions. The Hamid family has requested a demolition freeze order on their home from the municipality of Lod, he added.

Last month, a group of aid organisations expressed alarm at the increase in Israeli demolitions of Palestinian property.

The statement by 25 aid organisations revealed that Israeli demolitions had increased by almost 50% in the last half of 2013, in comparison with the second half of 2012.

112 of the 663 Palestinian properties demolished in 2013 were constructed with the money of international donors and aid.