Despite strong local opposition and international condemnation, Israeli settlers have moved into 10 new homes in east Jerusalem on Monday, activists confirmed.

Jawad Siyyam, a Palestinian activist who heads the Silwan Community Centre said a group of Jewish settlers occupied two buildings in the neighbourhood.

Silwan is a Palestinian neighbourhood and has often been the base of clashes between Israeli police and Palestinian locals.

Clashes even erupted three weeks ago when 25 apartments in the neighbourhood were forcefully taken over by Jewish settlers.

According to Siyyam, the Jewish settlers had previously allegedly purchased the homes legally from Palestinian owners.

"There are documents that prove that [the homes] were sold by Palestinians to settlers and so lawyers dealing with settlement issues have said we can't appeal," said Siyyam, as reported by AFP News.

Israel has approved the construction of over 2,600 homes in east Jerusalem despite Washington – Israel's closest ally, condemning the plan.

Israeli nationalist groups whose mission is to increase the presence of Jews in Palestinian neighbourhoods in East Jerusalem confirmed the acquisition news as well.