She was famed as the brunette temptress that plucked Dom Lever out of the arms of Montana Brown on Love Island, but after Jessica Rose has endured weeks of online trolling, she has decided to switch up her hair.

The 24-year-old model was "exposed" as a "snake" by YouTuber JMX for not crediting him for landing a spot on Love Island after she starred in his videos, and has received a lot of hate and snake emojis in the comments section of her Instagram snaps.

But after undergoing a dramatic transformation, Jessica has successfully diverted the conversation away from her past actions and onto her new blonde hair.

In the first of three new pictures, Jessica poses alongside fellow former Love Islander Olivia Attwood and revealed that her new short flaxen locks are in fact a wig.

She captioned the photo: "Absolutely loving mine and @oliviajade_attwood GLAM today by the amazing @fern_makeup and @carlbembridgehair ❤️ loving my wig - let's see if it's true what they say about who has more fun "

A second snap saw her showing off her new lob (long bob) while trying to sell her followers a bomber jacket, while the third was a flattering topless selfie of herself covering her breasts with her hand, captioning it: "feeling like Barbie thanks to @carlbembridgehair@fern_makeup".

Jess, who has also been showing off her new proportionate chest size after undergoing a breast reduction in Prague recently, received mixed reviews over her new look.

One of her 1.2m followers commented: "It looks crap" as another wrote: "she looks awful I don't like her with blonde hair! X"

A third added: "You look absolutely gorgeous @jessica_rose_uk Love the wig!!!!" as someone else said: "she looks like a completely different person".

The TV star recently came under fire by YouTuber JMX, who revealed her as a "snake" for ditching him as soon as she got famous from Love Island.

The social media star alleged that he is the reason Jessica snagged a place on the ITV2 dating series after the pair made videos together – with him boldly claiming: "She wouldn't have got onto Love Island if it weren't for me" and divulging that her Instagram following began to grow after she starred in his videos.

JMX claimed that the pair were not a couple and they were always just friends despite working together, until "she completely snaked me".