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She shot to fame after appearing on the latest series of Love Island, coupling up with Dom Lever who she has been inseparable with since leaving the Spanish luxury villa, but Jessica Rose is still receiving a lot of hate for betraying YouTuber JMX.

The 24-year-old reality star, who hails from Devon, has been showing off the results of her breast reduction on Instagram since undergoing plastic surgery in Prague recently, and went braless in a new snap wearing a floral set of coordinates from Missguided.

The brunette, who has her own YouTube channel, posted her latest advertisement on Tuesday (22 August) and was met with hundreds of comments to do less with her flatter chest, and more for her falling out with popular online gamer JMX.

Aside from the many comments of snake emojis, one follower wrote: "Without strip fifa youd be stripping for real" in reference to one of JMX's videos she starred in, which helped her reach stardom.

Another said: "yea it is a bit annoying when nearly every post you trying to sell something. of course making money is important, but you need to have a balance. i feel you will lose your followers quicker this way."

One person defended her, writing: "Let her live her life, You're all just jealous and can't say anything nice!! Jealousy gets you nowhere, apart from wasting your time, commenting on someone elses post Anyway gorgeous Jess".

Another added: "I hate when people bullying people behind a screen. Most off u guys can do this now but cannot do shit when it face to face".

Jess was exposed as a "snake" by JMX after he declared she ditched him and paid him no credit for getting on Love Island and helping her reach success.

The 19-year-old YouTube star, real name Joel Morris, was left furious after she "snaked him" and will do anything in her power to stay relevant – even if that means "Dom will probably be her husband next week."

He told his 2m subscribers furthermore: "She got her Instagram followers from me, she wouldn't have got onto Love Island if it weren't for me, there's no doubt in that, she had no followers and her Instagram was dead and then she did videos with me."

Jessica, who made quite the impression on Love Island for stealing Dom off Montana Brown in the early stages, has yet to comment on the situation.

So excited to see this one 😍 @domlever

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