Josh and Anna Duggar
Josh and Anna Duggar at the wedding of Joseph and Kendra Caldwell YouTube screengrab/Duggar family

Weddings are the new normal at the Duggar family but the nuptial of Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell is special since he is the second son of the evangelical Christian family to get married. As a family tradition, the official Facebook of the family released videos in which the groom's siblings wished the couple.

However, fans were not so happy to see a video recorded message from Josh and Anna Duggar. The eldest Duggar son looks happy and cheerful along with his heavily pregnant wife Anna.

"Congratulations Joe and Kendra, We are so excited for you guys on this special day," the 29-year-old former reality TV star says in the congratulatory video while his wife Anna stares at him lovingly.

"We love you guys so much and I am so thrilled. I am actually waiting for a long time for another Duggar boy to get married and have a sister-in-law. So I am excited to have you, Kendra, as my new sister-in-law and we look forward to lots of double date with you two in the future," Anna says in the video.

Josh concludes the message by showing his pleasure to have another 'Duggar sister'. "Two out of ten boys are now married and there's a lot more to go... There's lot more Duggar weddings in the future. So it's nice to have another Duggar sister."

However, fans found his congratulatory message as cringe worthy and slammed his wife Anna for giving him an adoring stare. "How can Anna look at him with such a loving face I'll never understand, she & their kids deserve so much better," one YouTube user commented on the video. "It's gross," wrote another.

On 8 September, Friday, Jim Bob and wife Michelle Duggar announced the wedding of their son Joseph with Kendra Caldwell.