James McAvoy
Actor James McAvoy at an event (File photo) Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

James McAvoy is heartbroken after his mother passed away in her council flat in Glasgow, where she lived with her son and daughter Joy before they found fame in the entertainment industry.

"Around 5.30pm on the 18th of January, the body of a 59-year-old woman was found in a property on Drumchapel Road," Daily Record cited a police statement as saying. "The death is being treated as non-suspicious."

According to the publication, Liz Johnstone battled health problems for years before she died in her home.

Johnstone kept to herself while facing her "health troubles", a source told the publication, adding The Last King of Scotland actor was "supportive of his mother".

The 38-year-old McAvoy, however, has been estranged from his father, James McAvoy Senior, since his parents split when he was seven years old.

Johnstone was a psychiatric nurse and McAvoy Senior worked as a roofer.

Even after her children found success in the entertainment industry, Johnstone chose to live as she had been doing, staying in the same council flat in Drumchapel, the source said.

"She wished to stay in Drumchapel and that's what she did," the source said. "She never ever held any airs and graces about James and Joy being on TV or in movies and she would play it down. But she was very proud of them both."

Speaking of Johnstone's relationship with her parents, they remained close despite McAvoy and his younger sister being raised by their grandparents. Jim and Mary Johnstone live near Drumchapel and James is often seen taking a stroll in the area with his grandfather.

"Her parents have always been just the same and never wanted any fuss. They were proud of their grandchildren as any other grandparents would be," the source added. "They are extremely nice and down to earth people and that probably helped keep James fairly grounded despite his big success."