Jane The Virgin season 4 mid-season finale was all about love with the three ladies going on a road trip and coming to terms with their romance life in their own way and it ended with a shocking kiss involving an old flame.

Following the cliffhanger ending, the show has gone on a long winter hiatus and will return with episode 8 on Friday 26 January, 2018.

In episode 7 that aired on 8 December, Jane, who is still struggling with her breakup with Adam ventured on a book tour with her mom Xiomara and grandma Alba. While Xo is struggling to deal with her marital issues with Rogelio, Alba joined the trip to run away after her boyfriend Jorge's unexpected proposal.

In a shocking turn of events, the episode ended with Rogelio reluctantly agreeing to go to couples counselling with Xo and Alba rejecting Jorge's proposal, even though she earlier admitted to the girls about saying yes to love. However, the most shocking part came when Rafael took his own advice to "be brave" and planted a kiss on Jane, in a rather romantic turn of events.

Will Jane and Rafael get back together? Executive producer Jennie Urman weighs in on the shocking kiss and if the Jane and Rafael romance will be revisted. The couple briefly dated in season 1, when Jane was pregnant with his baby, but the couple broke up a few episodes later.

Urman teased a possible window for Rafael in Jane's life. She told TV Line, "Whether it is or isn't is going to be a question as we come back from our break. Jane has just cycled through this heartbreak with Adam. She had taken a step forward in her grieving over Michael, and she had allowed herself to fall in love again. Rafael sees a small window, and he decides to step into it and go with his heart."

"We see that, in the past, there was a moment where he almost did it, but he didn't. It felt like the right time for the series and for the two of them, where they still have so much to unpack and so much to get over. A lot of the hurt and the actions that were taken in the first half of the season are still there, " the EP added.

When asked what are Jane's feelings about the kiss, she teased, "You'll have to wait until we come back! It certainly looked romantic."

The Producer also explained Alba's hasty decision to say no to Jorge's marriage proposal. "She's not one hundred percent sure, and she unwinds that over the next couple of episodes as well. She thinks it was one thing, and then it becomes about something deeper for her. I don't want to get too much into it because I think it's a good story for Alba," Urman revealed of Alba's state.

Coming to Xo and Rogelio's marital trouble,Urman teased a lot of ups and down for the couple. "There are ups and downs for them, and they're getting used to being newlyweds, and newlyweds with a child, so that's going to continue. But they're committed to their relationship, and they definitely go to couples counseling. Rogelio finds he enjoys it more than he thought he would, "she said.

The CW network has released a promo for season 4 episode 8, which teases the aftermath of Jane and Rafel's kiss. The two are seen sitting at a dinner table as Rafael tells Jane "The possibility of us, I don't think I can ever let it go."