Big Bang Theory season 11
Sheldon and Amy are engaged in The Big Bang Theory season 11 CBS

The Big Bang Theory season 11's latest episode almost featured a wedding between Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler, however, the scientists changed their mind at the very last moment.

The dramatic episode 10 titled, The Confidence Erosion, which aired on 7 December at 8 pm EST on CBS network, opened with the engaged couple trying to eliminate stress from wedding planning by applying math to the process.

They applied decision theory, wherein each person makes half of the decisions in a back-and-forth fashion, but it didn't work out too well for the couple as they ended up arguing about everything.

When Amy chooses invitations, Sheldon wants R2-D2 as a "ring bearer".

She wants to come to the wedding in a Little House on the Prairie-inspired horse-drawn buggy, but is not too keen on the idea of meeting the honour guard of Storm Troopers.

Then Sheldon offers a truce, If Amy wants to do away the Storm Troopers for people dressed in calico frocks, then he will pick the first dance, by which he means he will do away with it entirely.

Amy refuses to let go of the fight by adding that the toasts will be in Latin. Sheldon counters with Klingon vows and a fight ensues. Later Sheldon suggests for them to get married at City Hall the next day, and offering the Beverly Hills City Hall as a destination wedding of some sorts.

The scene then changes to next day at the City Hall, with Sheldon and Amy waiting for their names to be called. Once their turn comes, Sheldon hesitates and confesses to Amy that he does want a first dance at a real wedding.

In a sweet twist, he admits the fact that he found her at all is a miracle in itself. "I want a real wedding. Amy, I never thought I want to marry anyone, so the fact that I found you is astonishing. It's like finding Dark Matter."

"But when you make a discovery like this, you do;t just take it to City Hall. You tell the whole world. So I will say it in Latin and Klingon, or smoke signals.. But I want to do this right," the physicist adds. An emotional Amy agrees and they leave the City hall happily.

So the couple didn't get married, but this episode surely made the hearts melt with Sheldon's sweet love declaration. Fingers crossed if we will finally get to see their wedding in The Big Bang Theory season 11 mid-season finale.